Security Screening

Security Screening

Amalga are an Approved Security Screening Centre for Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, and Luton Airports.

As a result we are able to undertake Airside Screening at our ALC – Amalga Logistics Centre in Iver, Buckinghamshire, which enables us to deliver directly from this facility to Airside Locations without having to use third party screening services.   The service is designed for Retail Shopfitters and Construction companies .

Having been heavily involved in  the Logistics solution of the Terminal 5 Luxury Retail Redevelopment Project at Heathrow and of Phase 2 of  the redevelopment  of Stansted, we asked ourselves how we could further improve our service offering to our clients.  The answer was to become an Approved Known supplier, thus allowing us to carry out our own screening, rather than be reliant on 3rd parties.

We are now ideally placed to further improve our Airside Just in Time Logistic solutions, further enhancing our already popular Total Airside Project Support services.

Amalga are known suppliers of Airport Supplier Status in line with CAA CAP1260

Amalga can:

  • Collect cargo from anywhere in the UK and Europe
  • Security Screen at our own facility
  • Secure storage and consolidation
  • Transport to the airport
  • Deliver to the work location
  • Services available 24/7


Key Points

24/7 Screening in Amalga's Logistics Centre for retail and Construction materials

Complete airside logistics packages

Known Supplier of Airport Supplier Status in line with CAA CAP1260

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