Fire & First Aid

Fire & First Aid

Amalga can assist your projects with a complete fire and first aid consultancy service to ensure that your site is adequately protected in case of first aid or emergency.  Our consultants are available to support your project with all of your fire and first aid needs, whether that be a one off assessment, a full site audit, development and review of your site emergency procedures and arrangements or a complete package to suit the individual needs of your project.


  • Fire Plan and Risk Assessments 
  • Emergency Evacuation Procedures and Plan
  • On site fire point plan
  • Full site set up and maintenance of first aid and fire points
  • Branded/ bespoke way finding signage
  • On site audits and inspections

Amalga can assist you from supplying one extinguisher or a whole host of fire extinguishers with a regular service plan,  first aid and eye wash set up and branded site establishment signage. 

Amalga can assist you in the provision of fully trained fire marshals and first aiders

Key Points

Provision of Fire trained fire marshalls and first aiders

Complete fire and first aid consultancy service

Further details

  • Increased site security performance

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