Corporate Social Responsbility Policy

Amalga is committed to ethical behaviour and to sustainable economic development whilst improving the quality of life of our committed workforce, their families, and working to enhance the local community in which we work. 


We will listen and respond to our customers, and deliver services to meet their needs, always striving to exceed expectation.  We will respond to the diverse and challenging requirements of our industry, remaining agile, innovative, and responsive.  We will place health, safety and sustainability at the heart of our business and customer objectives, as well as respecting diversity and considering the special needs of others, continuing to forge mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, to develop customer specific winning delivery models, harnessing innovation, efficiency, capability, professionalism to continually improve performance.


We empower our staff, and respect their view, and always provide a safe and healthy working environment for them, conducting our business with the utmost integrity.  Amalga invests in its team, and operates a comprehensive training programme.  All staff are trained with relevant qualifications, and participate in continuous training & development.  We regularly communicate with our staff to hear their views and act on them.  We value the diversity of our team, and comply with all employment health and safety standards, provide fair renumeration and benefits, as direct employees, and value our staff as a key asset to our business.


Amalga wholeheartedly acts to enhance its local communities and is actively involved in local Social Inclusion and Community Regeneration Programmes. The company offers employment opportunities to the unemployed and those with barriers to employment, and supports them with training and development.      We are currently working with the Heathrow Academy and working with the community via local careers fairs and job centres, whilst developing an apprentice scheme.  We utilise local businesses where practicable, supporting the economies in which we work, and support participation in community projects and local charities.


We always seek to minimise the environmental impacts of our activities on the surrounding environment and communities, to minimise pollution, and develop more intelligent solutions to ensure continuous improvement in our environmental performance.  Amalga has ISO 14001 certification and is committed its further development. 


We will work closely with our supply chain as part of an integrated team, to ensure an alignment in working practices, the provision of end to end safe and healthy working environments; as well as pursuing best practice, improved efficiencies, reduction in waste and enhanced profitability