Airport :Stansted

Role :Terminal Transformation

Year :2015


Amalga were proud to support Stansted Airport with a Logistics package which enabled 12 new Cafes, Bars, and Restaurants to open Airside as part of the Second Phase of the development of the Airport.


With careful planning , Amalga organised the consolidation of equipment for this project at the Amalga Logistics Centre (ALC), undertook the security screening there, and then delivered airside to the appropriate units, on a "just in time" basis. Throughout the project, the Amalga Team always ensuring that the Shop fitters had the materials they needed when they needed them, allowing the work to flow without the site becoming congested with materials not needed until later in the build.

In addition Amalga supported the Shop fitters by providing Escorts and Waste away services.

The feedback from our Customers was once again first class"