Airport :Heathrow

Role :Logistics Package

Year :2003 - 2006


Amalga was employed between May 2003 and May 2006 by Warings Contractors Limited in Partnership with Mace and BAA as key logistics supplier throughout the construction of this iconic 87-metre tall building.


The Control Tower consists of a three storey base building, an 18 storey steel mast and the equivalent of a five storey building on top of the mast that provides unobstructed 360-degree views of the airfield. Its location in the middle of Heathrow's airfield, surrounded by aircraft stands and adjacent to one of the busiest taxiways in Europe, made this an extraordinarily challenging project, with logistics identified as a critical constraint. Amalga's ability to undertake technically complex activities within the challenging environment of a live airport made the company the obvious choice.

Amalga provided the following services for this project:

Materials Logistics

  • Control and management of materials flows onto and around site
  • Management and coordination of airside deliveries
  • Provision of plant, vehicles and other equipment
  • Rapid procurement of materials and other site resources
  • Manning and management of hoists and lifts


  • Devising and managing Security System to manage access to and between all site areas
  • Setting up and running site pass system
  • Protection of materials thereby reducing waste and theft
  • Physical segregation of site zones
  • Consultation service to BAA in upgrading security procedures
  • Managing and undertaking airside site access control
  • Managing airside temporary pass system
  • Managing airside permit system

People Logistics

  • Provision of facilities and accommodation
  • Provision of bus service for site staff
  • Transport between landside and airside areas
  • Creation of designated pickup and drop off points around airport area
  • Fleet of vehicles with airside clearance
  • Managing non project personnel on and around site
  • Delivery of total site catering and welfare provision
  • Determined total site welfare requirements
  • Sourcing and management of catering supplier
  • Installation of catering and welfare facilities
  • Continued management and maintenance of facilities

Environmental Management

  • Protection of materials thereby reducing waste and rework
  • Ensuring that materials recycled wherever possible
  • Ensuring segregation of all site waste
  • Provision of COSHH management system and bins
  • Managing waste removal suppliers
  • Protection of finished surfaces including lifts, floors and elsewhere

High Risk Activities

  • Undertaking extensive levels of work within airside zones of BAA airports
  • Working in close proximity to live airfield
  • Managed critical and technically complex activity of moving 870 tonne, 27m tall building across airfield

General Site Support Activities

  • Managing and maintaining site cleanliness
  • Provision of 24/7 fire marshalling teams
  • Erection of hoardings
  • Small works and maintenance
  • Carpentry and builders works to improve safety of work environment
  • Traffic management
  • General site housekeeping

Delivering a fully integrated total logistics solution, within the critically sensitive airside area of airport, while ensuring construction was completed without any impact on Heathrow's day to day operations was a major achievement.

Project Highpoints

The highlight of this project was Amalga's key involvement in the management of the transportation of the 870 tonne, 27m tall control tower cab building two kilometres across the airfield. The building was relocated using high tech remote controlled flatbeds in a single movement during a tight overnight window. Such was the magnitude and technical difficulty of this task that it featured in a dedicated television programme.