HEATHROW Airport Media

Airport :Heathrow

Role :Airport Logistics Team

Year :2016

HEATHROW Airport Media

Amalga support British Airways in the launch of the new Samsung Note 7


Amalga have a long and successful history supporting British Airways with Media installations, in their Premium Lounges across Europe, over several years, and most recently, having delivered their largest installation to date.


For the launch of the new Samsung Note 7 release, Amalga were challenged with the logistical support for four Heathrow Lounges within one night.   On that particular night, 3 lifts were out of order, putting additional pressure on the team, with an already tight window for delivering the project on time. 


With every minute critical, and only a few hours to complete the broad scope of works to plan, which had been meticulously co-ordinated over the past 2months, it was imperative that the team worked together.  Despite the fact that time and access was against them, the team pulled together to deliver a first class result for both Samsung and British Airways.



HEATHROW Airport Media