Careers FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided a set of answers to the questions we are most frequently asked by people applying for a job with Amalga:

FAQs: Working for AmaLGA

What sort of benefits can I expect?

Amalga's staff always have access to welfare facilities above the usual standard within the industry. Other benefits include direct employment, Company pension scheme, Life and Accident Cover, training and development opportunities, excellent rates of pay, and paid holiday.

Are there opportunities for promotion within Amalga?

Opportunities for promotion are available across Amalga.  Promotion is based on merit, performance, skills, abilities and potential to work effectively at the higher grade.  We prefer to develop and promote staff from within our Organisation, before looking externally.

How does Amalga support personal development?

Development opportunities include formal training courses (both internal and external), further education courses, buddying scheme, and mentoring. Financial assistance may be provided towards the cost of further education courses and staff may be given time away from work to study.

What is the ethnic make-up of staff at Amalga?

Amalga is an Equal Opportunities Employer and our staff come from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures, reflecting the diverse communities in the UK.

Are there equal opportunities at Amalga?

Yes. Amalga is an equal opportunities employer and the selection of new staff and decisions on promotion are based on merit, irrespective of gender, age, marital status, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability or religion.

FAQS: The Recruitment ProcesS

How do I apply for a position with Amalga?

download the Standard application form, complete it in full and send it, along with your CV to:    For further assistance with your application, please call: 0203 178 2252

How and when will I hear about my application?

Once we have received your application form, completed, in full, we will invite you to a registration meeting with our recruitment team.  You will need to bring with you originals, and copies of the following:

  • Passport or photo Driving Licence as ID
  • National Insurance Number, or Work Permit Documentation
  • Utility bill with your current home address on
  • CSCS Card
  • Another other certificates that are relevant to your application


Once we have completed the registration, we have some internal documents to complete and we will send you an employment contract, employee handbook and policies, Health Questionnaire to complete and return.  We will send you a link to undertake some H&S training modules on-line and will liaise regarding your first work assignment which will be confirmed by email.

Does Amalga give feedback to unsuccessful candidates?

We do aim to provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates, although this cannot always be guaranteed when we have high volumes of applicants.

If your questions are not answered here or you have further queries, please contact us.

FAQS: The Vetting Process

What is the vetting process?

Because much of our work is undertaken in restricted areas of airports, all staff are checked thoroughly in line with government guidelines. We conduct a criminal record check and take a full five-year reference history.

For you to gain clearance to work within restricted areas of airports, we need a minimum of two references. One or more employment references must cover the previous full five year's employment or education history. Any gaps in your employment must be verified by references from the appropriate agency (for example The Employment Service for periods of unemployment, or an accountant or the Inland Revenue for periods of self-employment).

If you supply only one employment reference for the past five years, then we need a second character/personal reference too.  In cases where you neither worked, nor claimed benefit during the previous five years (for example, a carer or a previously non-working partner returning to employment), then we need two character/personal references.  We obtain these references on your behalf. We'll ask you for information we can use to obtain references in the online application.

Does everyone have to go through the vetting process, or are there any exceptions?

The basic vetting process is the same for everyone.

Can I apply to Amalga if I have a criminal record?

Yes. A criminal record would not necessarily stop you from gaining employment with Amalga. The type of offence and when it was committed are considered.

How can I help in the vetting process?

You can help by giving us complete, up-to-date contact details for your referees for the last five years. From this information, we will get references on your suitability for your desired position.

If we can't complete this process then your application won't go any further. So the more accurate information you give us, the better the chances are we can complete the vetting process for you.