Amalga is a great place to work. Our people work on some of the most prestigious construction projects in the country, helping to create incredible buildings that become a source of pride for future generations. Our safety standards are far better than the industry average, and our welfare facilities are of the highest quality.


There isn't a typical member of Amalga staff. Our people come from all walks of life. However, we are united by our shared enthusiasm, commitment and dedication to being the best that we can. We work diligently to deliver a superior service to our customers and to secure a bright shared future together. All of our people are directly employed so we can offer longer term job security than is normal within the industry.


Our people come from a wide range of working backgrounds, from highly skilled tradespersons with extensive experience in the industry, to those with relatively little or even no previous experience in construction, but who are keen to lean and progress within the company. Key qualities we look for in people are a positive attitude and disposition, along with our shared goals, this is what unifies us as a team. 


We make sure work is challenging and interesting, and always recognise staff skills and abilities. We never take our people for granted, and invest in comprehensive training and development to support our colleagues to realise their potential.  We provide staff with a wide range of training and development opportunities, and each member of our team receives the training that best suits them, and the projects they are assigned to. 


There are always opportunities for career progression for those with the desire and commitment to progress. Wherever possible, we promote people from within the company. This helps reinforce our culture and helps to keep our staff motivated. We believe in fairly and generously rewarding our people, especially those who have helped us to achieve success.

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